Building Confidence

Too often when I meet with individuals who are looking for a new job or career I sense a lack of confidence – not only in the process of finding a job but also in their own skills and abilities. No doubt the job search process can be intimidating however having confidence in oneself is critical to a successful job search. Here are a few tips for building confidence:

Focus on what you DO have – We all have unique gifts and strengths however we seem to spend more time focusing on our gaps and weaknesses. In order to have a successful job search, it is imperative to take time to reflect on what you are good at, what interests you the most, and what unique skills and abilities you have. Once you have gone through this exercise you can use what you have learned about yourself to update your resume and prepare for job interviews.

Be proud of your story – Something else that I have observed in my coaching practice is that many individuals lack pride in the path they have been on to get to where they are today because they feel it is uncommon, different or not specialized enough. Future employers will sense a lack of confidence if you do not “own” your story. Take some time to reflect on the experiences you have had and what you have learned or gained from each of them. Be grateful for the path you have been on for it has made you who you are today.

Know what you are looking for – Another contributing factor to low confidence is when an individual does not know what they are looking for or where they are going next. Future employers are attracted to candidates who have established goals and are focused and determined to reach those goals. Thus it is key to establish both short term and long term goals in order to have a successful job search and career. Goals should have flexibility and be reviewed on a regular basis and adjusted as necessary.

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