Are you REALLY ready for a change?

Throughout my work as a career coach, the individuals whom I have seen be most successful in their job search are those with the following:

Focus:  The most successful job seekers are very focused.  They have taken time to carefully evaluate their strengths, skills, interests, and abilities.  They know what they are good at and what they are not good at.  Successful job seekers have also researched and explored several different jobs so they know, specifically, the type of job, company and industry they want to work for.

Passion:  Successful job seekers are not only focused on what they have to offer and what they are looking for in their job search – they are passionate about it as well.  They see the work that they do as more than just a job.  They see it as a calling and one of the reasons they are on this earth.  They are passionate about using their gifts and talents to make an impact and serve others.

Enthusiasm: Along with focus and passion comes enthusiasm.  The most successful job seekers are excited about life and work and they do their best to maintain a positive attitude through all circumstances.  They do not get discouraged easily and they turn setbacks and challenges into growth opportunities.  They learn from their mistakes and move on.  Their attitude about life is both contagious and admirable.  They are people that everyone wants to be around.

So – if you are in the process of making a job change or considering it – ask yourself if you have the focus, passion, and enthusiasm that it takes to have a successful job search.

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